We’ve put together a collection of guides to give you insight on how to improve your desk setup. We’ve pretty much started this entire blog on the sole purpose of producing these guides to help you create the best possible setup for your room. Have a look!

May 10, 2021

Welcome to Minimal Desk Setup’s first Feature Article. In this article, we’ll go through our top 8 tips to kickstart your journey.

The Ultimate Guide For Setup Deals On Cyber Monday

A Guide to an Autumn Setup

How to create the cleanest light-themed home office

Desktop setup

Using Rainmeter for a Minimal Desktop Setup

The Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Guide for 2021

The Ultimate Setup with IKEA Desk for gaming

Home Office.

The home office is one of the most important areas to consider when building a desk setup. The home office is generally used the most and especially during a time when Working from home  (WFH) is popular. In these guides we give extra consideration to Ergonomics.

March 26, 2021

Whatever your work from home situation, here are some easy tips anyone can use to make your day in your home office more pleasant.

stacked monitor home office setup

Using stacked monitors for your home office

Using a desk shelf with your home office setup

Desk Pad or Desk Mat by MDS

MDS Desk Pad Guide – Minimal Wool Felt Desk Mat

Desk Lighting.

We really emphasise how important lighting is to a setup. This set of guides help you perfect your desktop lighting so you won’t have to worry about damaging your eyes. It will also help you improve your productivity.

March 26, 2021

we’re looking at how to achieve the perfect desktop lighting for your day time workspace or your night time battlestation.

home office lighting

A definitive guide on Home Office Lighting

Top 5 computer monitor lamps 2021

Top 5 Best Value Computer Monitor Lamps in 2021 (Updated Oct 2021)

Getting the correct lighting for your desk setup


Coming into the age of working from home being the norm, there should be more emphasis being placed on ergonomics. The Team at MDS has decided to commit significant effort into compiling resourses to help you choose the perfect standing desk for you

July 4, 2021

If you need help selecting a standing desk we have some tips to help you choose the best standing desk for you