The MDS Wallpaper Starter Kit

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Hey everyone! It’s Sam here. We’re finally getting to it the wallpaper starter kit for January 2024 is ready to download. Follow the Google drive link below to download it. Also credits to the original creators of photographers for these wallpapers. I’ve left their names on the file on purpose to attribute it to them.

Click here to download free wallpaper starter kit (no signup)

If you’re interested – We are putting together a 100-Wallpaper MEGA PACK that will have all different sorts of themed wallpapers that will make your setup POP.

Click here to get notified

Here’s a sneak peak of the free wallpaper pack (don’t save these because they’re low res)

They’re all the wallpapers we’ve used on our Chrome Extension – Focus by MDS. It has some of my favourite wallpapers in there.

How do I get those wallpapers without downloading the pack?

So follow the simple instructions below to get your wallpapers.

1/ Go to

2/ Search any of the following search terms

  • Mountain
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Green Leaves
  • Monsterra
  • Desert
  • Sunset Beach
  • Beach Drone
  • City Nightlight
  • Bridge nightlight

3/ Hit the download drop down

4/ Select Original Size – and download that and set that as your wallpaper.

Some Extra tips:

  • Make sure to filter your search results by orientation. Landscape for wallpapers or if you want phone wallpapers – feel free to filter portrait wallpapers.
  • Always download the full-sized versions and then you can use online cropping and resizing tools to fit your screen.
  • If you have a 4k screen and the wallpapers are not big enough try using an AI upscaler to get it to the 4k size.

That’s all for today. If you have any questions feel free to DM us on Instagram.

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