We’re commited to crafting high quality products to improve your desk setup. Whilst we place a strong emphasis on aesthetics, we favor practicalility above all else. See our latest product developments below.

New Release

Released Jan 2024

Welcome to the world of ‘Keycaps by MDS’ – where style meets functionality on your keyboard! These keycaps are more than just accessories; they are a statement of your personal style and a testament to our commitment to quality. Crafted with precision and designed with passion, each keycap in this collection is a blend of vibrant colors, durable materials, and ergonomic design. Whether you’re a gamer, a writer, or a keyboard enthusiast, ‘Keycaps by MDS’ are here to transform your typing experience into something truly special. Dive in and discover how these keycaps can elevate not just your keyboard, but your entire desk setup!

In Development

In Development

Introducing β€œTDL”, a sleek, tactile to-do list system by Minimal Desk Setups, designed to streamline your day, enhance focus, and boost productivity. Complemented by the Pomodoro technique, it’s your stylish partner for accomplishing tasks efficiently. Elevate your workspace, empower your day.


Released July 2022

The gaming desk pad has been a product that has been in the works for half a year. We wanted something that had a simple design, but that wasn’t the hard bit. The hard bit was looking for a supplier who could produce something that had the plush that we were looking for but also a certain smoothness to the cloths that would help with control of the actual mouse. The MDS gaming desk pad is made from premium material with a minimalistic look.

Released April 2022

We had to make some slight upgrades to the last cable management kit. We made a realisation that the cable ties were not as helpful. Instead we included an upgraded Hook-and-Loop cable tie which will help with bundling bigger strands of cable from the monitor. We’ve also included a new cable bundler used to keep USB cords tidy.

Released March 2022

We try to tackle the issue of wireless charging and how we can make it elegant and usable piece for your desk setup. The main point was the produce something that was compact so that it wouldn’t draw too much attention to it, but also provide heaps of practicality. View the project details to see our development progress and how you can contribute to the early stages of the development.

Released 29 July 2021

4.9 Stars from 310 reviews

For our first product, we wanted something that would really make an impact on people’s desk setups. We wanted a product that everyone would need. We chose desk pad because whilst there are a lot on the market, there weren’t any that stood out in terms of quality and usability. To see what we did, you can read our product break down.

Released 14 September 2021

From our experience of running our blog and instagram page, we get a lot of questions around how to cable manage a desk setup to make it look ‘cable-less’ so we developed a put together a cable management pack that included 96 pieces of different cable management tools to help people manage their cables cleaner.

Released 23 November 2021

Pushing forward with development, we need some coasters to provide protection to the desk. We thought that people would want a coaster made from our top-rated felt finished by a 2mm thick cork base. The total thickness of our coaster is approximately 5mm to give that extra protection and durability for placing drinks and other heated objects on the table.