We believe in the power of small changes and the impact they can have on your workflow. It’s not about working more; it’s about working smart. From hacks that help you streamline your work, to tips on organizing your digital space, to strategies that keep distractions at bay, we cover everything that fuels your productivity engine.

May 30th, 2023

Take a look at 7 effective productivity hacks for remote work, aiming to boost efficiency and overcome common home-based distractions.


A variety of physical or digital tools are being developed or can be used to improve productivity. We aim to provide a comprehensive guide on optimally using these tools in your daily routine, demonstrating their unique features and explaining how they can contribute to a more efficient, organized, and productive work environment.Β 

Dec 20th, 2023

“Focus by MDS” is a Chrome extension designed to enhance your productivity. It combines a to-do list with a Pomodoro timer, helping you manage tasks efficiently while maintaining focus. Beautiful wallpapers add an aesthetic touch, creating a motivating and visually pleasing workspace in every new tab.

May 30th, 2023

The To-Do List System is a practical and stylish tool for managing tasks. With its sleek black PVC cards and holder, it helps you organize and display seven tasks at a time, while seamlessly integrating with the Pomodoro Technique for focused productivity.


An array of productivity methods are being adopted and tailored to boost efficiency. Our goal is to provide an exhaustive guide on implementing these methods into your daily routine, showcasing their distinct characteristics and elucidating how they can contribute to a more streamlined, orderly, and productive work setting.

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