To-do List (TDL)

by MDS

Introducing “TDL”, a sleek, tactile to-do list system by Minimal Desk Setups, designed to streamline your day, enhance focus, and boost productivity. Complemented by the Pomodoro technique, it’s your stylish partner for accomplishing tasks efficiently. Elevate your workspace, empower your day.



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Hi everyone, it’s Sam. I’ve put together this article and page to compile all details about our latest project in one easy-to-access place.

In our recent YouTube video, some of you might have spotted our new physical to-do list system. It features black PVC cards, white chalk markers, and a card holder for displaying up to 7 cards. This system seamlessly integrates with the Pomodoro technique, a renowned productivity method. In this article, I’ll delve into more details about this exciting project.


I’ve always loved the concept of a physical to-do list system. Before I made the initial prototype, I was using a dot grid notepad to jot down and check off my daily tasks – the sense of satisfaction from crossing out tasks was indeed fulfilling. I noticed Ugmonk’s system and was drawn towards it, yet realized I could build my own using 3D printing.

I also came across a YouTuber, Scott Juan Yu, known for his aesthetic content. In one of his videos, he used PVC cards as mini whiteboards to plan his ideas. Inspired by this, I merged the two concepts and came up with my system – a set of reusable cards, perfect for implementing the Pomodoro Technique.

Kit Inclusions

Below is a preliminary set of items or modules to be included in the development of our TDL system kit.

Card Holder

A simple holder for for the cards.

Black Cards

A re-usable set of black cards for the tasks.

Chalk Marker Holder

For holding the marker.

Chalk Marker

A white chalk marker used for writing.


A timer that can be used with the pomodor method.

Timer Holder

A holder that allows the timer to be tied together with the set.

Project Log

30 may 2023
Concept Prototype v1.3

Changes to the Card Holder from the last version:

1/ Card capacity reduced even more to 30 cards

2/ Card storage module is now detachable so that we can change the material of it.

A look into the timer:

1/ Experimenting with an array of different timers to see which one works better. I like the dual timer as it has the best functionality to work with the pomodoro method, but these other form factors have some pretty nice designs.

2/ Some of them were also not bright enough

23 may 2023
Concept Prototype v1.2

Changes from the last version:

1/ Card holder changed to hold cards on left and right side. Left side to hold the main task, and the right side to hold all the sub tasks.

2/ Card capacity reduced from 100 cards down to 40 cards as I don’t think you will ever fill up that 100 card card capacity.

17 may 2023
Concept Prototype v1.1

In this concept, I tried to merge the penholder and clock holder all into one station. I posted this on our instagram stories and a lot of you seemed to dislike the fact that everything was too close together. It made it look cluttered, which I agree with.

12 may 2023
Concept Prototype v1.0

Preliminary concept designs of the entire kit was completed. 3D printed the intial Design. I used a very single design where card holder would complete just the action of storing 7 cards. The penholder and clock were very simple additions.

15 April 2023
Project Development started

Design Brief was set. Base functions of the kit has been decided,

Prototype v1.0

Just like our brand, this system started as an MVP – a minimum viable product. It features seven card slots to align with my goal of tackling a maximum of seven tasks during an eight-hour workday. Of course, some tasks are larger and require more Pomodoros, meaning I might only tackle three tasks some days. But the concept is simple – completing these tasks equates to a productive day.

The system sports an appealing design with rounded edges and black cards for a standout look. The use of black PVC cards naturally led to the selection of a white marker. While I’m currently testing various markers, a chalk marker seems to be the perfect fit. This marker even has its own stand for added cool factor and consistency with the black and white theme. I’m also considering integrating a clock into the design for future versions.

The Final Product

A few of you have already asked me about the product and when we’re looking to ever sell something like this. To be honest, its far from it right now. I am still developing the various segments of this tool and I think I want feedback from the community before we ever go into mass production. We have the capability to pull off a project like this. However, I want to make sure that it gives the premium feel and aesthetics our brand is about, but also the promised productivity benefits in our flagship level products.

If you’re interested in the development of this product, you should most definitely sign onto this email list for updates. I will personally write these emails to update everyone on how things are going.


Currently, there are no set dates for the expected delivery of the final design.