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Hey guys, It’s Sam here and I am back again to write a guide and a setup breakdown on my final setup for the end of 2023. This setup focuses on productivity and helps me get my best work done in the least amount of time. I will overhaul this setup completely at the start of next year to deliver more content.

Let’s get into it!

Setup Breakdown

Wallpaper + WidgetsChrome Extension – Focus by MDS
KeycapsKeycaps by MDS
MonitorLG 34WN780-B
Monitor ArmOmnidesk Arc Pro Single
DeskpadCashmere Desk Pad – Large – Dark Grey – by MDS
Table LampsIkea Gaffeldun
Monitor LampYeelight Monitor Light Bar PRO
MouseLogitech Mx Master 3s
Note TakerTask & Time by MDS
TimerPomodoro Timer by MDS
Standing DeskOmnidesk Pro – Wildwood Collection – 1.8m
HumidifierCandela by MDS
PlantsZZ plant + Marble Queen Devils Ivy

Additional Remarks

Wallpaper + Widgets

So I put quite a bit of effort into developing this Chrome extension for everyone to use because I wanted a way for people to see what they had to do – right in front of them every time they opened their browser. Focus by MDS is this solution. It has a timer, a to-do list and beautiful wallpapers that will be updated over time.

I will be updating it regularly with more unique functions to come. A key point is this to-do list allows projects via the subjects function. This is a way for you to group tasks together but also you can use the sub-task function to have one main task with multiple smaller sub-tasks to help you chunk away at a task.

focus by mds

Keyboard + Keycaps

The keyboard is the standard Zoom 75 by Meletrix which I love. We are developing our own keycaps so check them out. It’s a set of sage green keycaps with cream-white keys for the alphas. We have a full development log here with updates. So check it out.

Monitor + Monitor Arm

I’ve used these monitor arms and the monitor combo for a heap tonne of desk setup shots. The main thing about this monitor arm that I love is that it comes with USB passthrough – which allows me to keep my wireless receivers at the front to allow for perfect connectivity between my keyboard and mouse.


Lighting in general has been a topic I’ve written a multitude of guides on. Check it out here. I am at this point pretty much the top advocate for the IKEA Gaffeldun and the marketing team there should pay me for the amount of traffic I’ve sent over to that page. Unfortunately, it’s not offered in other countries outside of Australia.

Workflow with Task and time

So Task and Time was also a product, we developed this year to help with task and time management. The new app ‘Focus by MDS‘ will slowly adopt all the functionality of the TnT System but the analogue appeal of the system, in my opinion, is still very sought after. I like the aesthetics, So I keep both around because sometimes I just want to have something physically there to do notetaking on.


I hope everyone’s had a wonderful year and has made tremendous improvements to their desk setups. I hope I can continue to help people build their best workplaces and do their most productive work. This is Sam signing out for 2023 with more exciting content planned for 2024.

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