Who said keeping a clean desk setup was hard?

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Check out this unbelievably clean setup from Founder and Creative Director of Make and Makers, @minonearth.

What’s actually in his setup?

MonitorLG 27″ (27UL600)
Monitor Mount/Desk Shelf
MiceApple Magic Mouse
KeyboardApple Magic Keyboard
Keychron K2
DeskmatIkea PASSARP
SpeakersYamaha HS5
Desk Lighting
ChairIkea Langfjall with armrests
PC Case
LaptopMacBook Pro 13″
Laptop Stand
Other Decor

How many items should I have for my setup?

Going minimal on your desk setup will really help with increasing your productivity and efficiency. A lot of us fall into the trap of keeping everything we need on our desk because we are unsure of when we need it and want it close at hand when we do. This actually causes clutter to appear on your desk and you will spend more time looking for it. Keep only the things you need on the desk like Min does; a wireless mouse and keyboard is really all he has. His laptop connects into an external monitor, which gives him a larger screen to be even more productive.

While we advocate going as minimal as possible, its still just as important to have a few items that make the desk distinctly yours. Take Min’s for example, he has a uniquely designed lamp, flowers and a Nintendo Switch as part of his setup. Just a small number of items to give it personal flair but not enough to add clutter. We all spend significant amounts of time at our desks whether it be at home or in the office, adding a few items to make the experience more enjoyable will have a positive effect on your productivity and efficiency.

In summary…

We love this setup from Min, it really displays our principles of being minimal. Only keep what you need on your desk and add a few items to personalise it. Everything in moderation as they say.

Hopefully, Min’s setup can inspire you guys to create your own minimal desk setup or maybe clean up yours so that it now has less clutter. Check our guides if you stuck for ideas or need some help with your desk setup.

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