A Truly Inspiring Minimalist Home Office Setup

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The credits of this setup go to @camdicecca, he is the genius behind this minimalist home office setup that would inspire most of you to build a cleaner setup. For those wondering, what items are included in his setup you can use the following links to access the various items. Read our full guide on how to build a home office setup, and it will help you perfect your setup.

Desk setup: https://kit.co/camdicecca/desk-setup

PC parts list: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/BPHBD3

home office setup
Annotated setup.

Let’s take a quick peek into what’s actually involved in his setup before going into a deeper breakdown of the item choices in the Minimalist home office setup.

MonitorSceptre 30” Gaming Monitor @ 200HZ Refresh rate
Monitor Mount/Desk Shelf
MiceLogitech M720 Wireless Mouse
KeyboardLogitech G613 Mechanical Keyboard
DeskmatGrovemade Desk Mat – Merino Wool
DeskIKEA Gerton Table Top
Desk LightingLIFX Beam
ChairSecretlab Omega Black
PC CaseNZXT H510 Mid Tower Black
Laptop Stand
Docks/HubGoogle Nest Hub
Other DecorIKEA Skadis pegboard

PCs on the desk for Minimalist home office setups?

From this view of his desk, you can see how the black-themed PC is really accentuated by the light coloured tabletop from IKEA. We go into detail in this article about the different possibilities for a minimalist home office setup when shopping at IKEA. We rarely ever comment on the parts of the PC because we find it doesn’t really help people. Choosing a PC is quite a personal thing because it depends on your workload and how you use your computer. That’s why you see a lot of setups with a desktop for gaming and extra processing power and a docked laptop for surfing the net or watching Netflix. Having the PC on your desk, you will definitely need a clear panel on the PC case itself so you can flex the hardware inside. Haha jokes, but if you do want it to be a display piece, having some sort of All-in-one coolers like the NZXT Kraken or the LED stripes are really important to illuminate the hardware inside so people can see.

Lighting for minimalist home office setups?

The use of the LIFX beam really helps brighten the workspace but I do think you would probably need a lamp or monitor light of some sort to illuminate the table if you were to ever need to write notes at night. We go in-depth on why it’s important to have monitor lamps just because of how much better they are for your eyes. If you’re interested, take a read here. In summary, the monitor lamp prevents glare on the monitor using angle control on the light and having the ability to adjust the color temperature of the light will also help with the overall ergonomics of the minimalist home office setup.

Displaying your EDC

If you’re following our page, you are highly likely to care about your EDC as well. Having a pegboard to hold your EDC that you can pack it when you need it is pretty important. For this setup, the yellow notebook really adds a tinge of color to what would’ve been a fairly two-toned setup. It’s a nice touch and adding the black foldable hook really puts the cherry on top.


We really care about ergonomics when talking about minimalist home office setups. Since a lot of people have to work from home, they don’t really have the budget to get an expensive $1500 Herman Miller embody or a stand-or-sit desk. Small things like the wrist rest from Delta Hub really help with easing the strain on your wrist from long hours of work. Whilst the Secretlab Omega is a pretty good chair the price point, but ultimately, there has been a lot of debate on the net regarding the material quality. Camdicecca opted for the suede option, but the full PU leather option seems to peel quite soon after buying it.

In summary, what we love about this setup:

  1. The arrangement of items on the desk, keeping the PC as a display piece on the table it setup.
  2. The simple color scheme with very subtle highlights
  3. The flex with the LIFX beam illuminating the setup.
  4. Good consideration for ergonomics.

Overall, I would imagine this would be an ideal inspiration for those looking to build a minimalist home office setup using IKEA furniture.

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