What makes a “home office setup”?

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Our Insights

What makes a home office setup you ask? It has to be a combination of correct lighting, ergnomics, personalisation, cleaniness and neatness. A home office setup shouldn’t be boring but at the same time. It should be messy. Jordan Pulmano really put together a clean setup to demonstrate that he isn’t messing around when it comes to working from home.

Interesting fact about working from home

Speaking about working from home, there is an interesting fact going around that more than half of the remote workers work more than 40 hours a week. This means, you almost spend more time in this little space than you do in any part of your house, except for your bed ofcourse. It’s worth the investment to get some better lighting for your desk setup. We have always recommended monitor lamps, so have a look because they really help!

Back on topic, the lighting is great in these shots more important we love the placement of the furniture to get things really neat. What do you think?

Other comments about Jordan’s Home office setup

The wallpaper selection from @jordanpulmano really gives this setup its finishing touches! Wallpapers are always a personal choice but they give each setup so much individual character

How can you get your home office setup featured?

Understanding how to put together a setup is one thing but actually doing it is another. We feature a lot of different setups from people all over the world but there are still those that don’t make it. If you want to get your setup featured as part of our home office setup series, try considering these photography tips.

  1. Is there enough lighting for the photo? Whilst dark shots are quite moody, a lot of the time it’s much easier to stage a bright shot with the natural lighting from the window. Just like the following desk setup from @maybejensen
  2. Are there too many items on the table? Whilst we say we’re a minimalist desk setup blog, not all of the setups we feature are minimal. The main reason is that it’s quite hard to get the setup to a minimal level and also the term minimal is quite subject. Not everyone can achieve something that can be truly minimal because that would just become a desk with a laptop on it. Which isn’t very practical. We like to focus on having something that is minimal
  3. Are the cables showing on my office setup? Whilst cables are kind of essential in most cases, we really advocate for wireless peripherals especially in this day and age where it’s relatively cost-efficient and practical to use wireless mouses or keyboards.
  4. Is the image in focus? You don’t always need a DSLR camera to take good photos these days most flag ship phones or phones in the mid-price range take pretty good photos in bright light. This is also one of the main reasons why I encourage people to use heaps of natural lighting for their photos.
clean office setup with a nice seat
Photo Credits: @maybejensen

Anyways, we hope you got some inspiration out of Jordan’s home office setup. If you loved his setup show him some love on his Instagram.

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