An RGB Gaming desk setup with an unbelievable clean look

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rbg gaming desk setup
with credits to @thekenistic on instagram

Owner: @thekenistic

MonitorLG 34WK650-W Ultrawide
Monitor Mount/Desk Shelf–
MiceRazer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightest Wireless Mouse
KeyboardKeychron K2
SpeakersEdifier Luna E HD
Desk Lighting–
PC CaseNZXT H710i (in white)
Laptop Stand–
Other DecorIkea Ribba Photo Frame

This is ONE setup from @thekenistic, but in dark and light environments, the both have their own looks! He uses a range of lighting to bring out the feeling of a gaming setup. The choice of a cool LED lighting really helps keep the look clean.

Althought there are still a number of items on his table, if he reduced all the accessories that are there, he would have an unbelievable clean look to his setup. The vintage lamp really adds a warm feeling to his cool setup. Notice also how he has gaming headset for his gaming setup hidden under his desk with a hook. That is a very efficient way to make use of the side of the IKEA Alex.

A gaming setup cannot be complete without a super clean PC build. We always comment on the cable management, this one is super clean with a black and white setup. The same LED tone that is consistent with the table setup has also contributed to the clean look.

At night time, when the gaming gets serious.

Check out @thekenistic and his latest tech videos and reviews.

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