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Check out his instagram @alexacea

MonitorLG UltraGear 34GK950 (US) (UK) (AU)
LG 49WK95C-W
Monitor Mount/Desk ShelfIKEA Ekby
MiceMad Catz Rat 5 Mouse (US)
KeyboardAzio Corporation Retro Compact Keyboard (US) (UK) (AU)
SpeakersLG Xboom Go PK5 Bluetooth speaker (US) (UK)
Desk LightingLifx
PC CaseNZXT H510 (US)
Laptop Stand
Other Decor

Our Insights

Two stacked monitors on top of each other??? This sounds outlandish, but for some reason, it works so well!

Check below for some images of the peripherals that he uses in his setup.

Check out @alexacea setup to get inspired on how to do something similar.

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