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Profile: @Infinitysetup

MonitorLG 27UD88 4K monitor (US) (UK)
Monitor Mount/Desk Shelf> Grovemade XL Monitor Shelf (US)
> Amazon Basics Monitor Arm (US) (UK)
MiceLogitech MX 2S (US) (UK) (AU)
Keyboard> Satechi Aluminium Keyboard (US) (UK)
> Apple Magic Keyboard
DeskmatGrovemade Desk mat (US)
SpeakersEdifier R1800BT (US) (UK) (AU)
DeskIKEA Idasen Desk
Desk Lighting
PC Case
Laptop Stand
Docks/HubNatriveunion Drop XL Wireless charger
Other Decor

Our Insights

While this space may look tight, @infinitysetup makes it look like there is so much space available.

The monitor shelf helps keeps things organised and actually increases the amount of space available.

Going wireless will keep you keep everything tidy and you’ll be surprised by how much space you free up.

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