A Guide to a Minimal Gaming Setup

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Ever since I started this page, I’ve been revamping my ramp setup over and over again. On the topic of gaming setups, I’m very familiar with the culture and the aesthetics that a lot of people look for. I want everyone to know that a gaming setup doesn’t always need to have rainbow RGBs and adding rainbow RGBs to your PC case doesn’t give you Extra FPS on triple-A titles. Below is my interpretation of a minimal gaming setup.

A bit of cool lighting to add to the mood.

A break down of a minimal gaming setup

MonitorXiaomi 34 inch 144hz Gaming Monitor
Monitor Mount/Desk ShelfKogan Gas Spring Monitor Arm – White
MiceLogitech G305 or Logitech GPRO SuperLight
KeyboardGamakay LK67
DeskmatGaming Desk Pad by MDS
SpeakersAudio Engine A2
DeskIKEA Karlby + IKEA Alex
Monitor LampXiaomi Monitor Lamp
ChairDX Racer
PC CaseNZXT H500
Desk LampIKEA Gaffeldun + Yeelight Smart Bulb W3
Desk Back lightingYeelight Smart light Strip 1S
USB HubUnitek – Slanted 4 port USB Hub
WallpaperAnime Wallpaper

A gaming setup is key to having an optimal gaming experience. Your setup will determine how comfortable you are while gaming and how well you can focus on the task at hand. Here are a few tips for setting up your gaming desk:

Desk size for a gaming setup

Start by choosing a desk that is big enough to fit all of your gaming gear. Make sure to leave enough space for you to move around and be comfortable.

For a gaming setup, you will also want to consider if you want to have the PC or other consoles on the desk itself to display it or have easy access to the ports. There’s no point of spending a couple of grand on decking out a PC without ever displaying the custom water loops or the RGB ram sticks. So always allocate space for it. In most cases, you would want the desk to be 180cm wide and 70cm deep.

minimal gaming setup

Storage for a gaming setup

Choose a desk that has a good amount of storage so you can keep all of your gaming accessories organized. This will help keep your space looking clean and organized. If you can’t find one, think about having external drawer units like the IKEA Alex. My new favourite IKEA drawer is the Trotten Drawer Unit, I think it works better with a standing desk if you have one.

Integrating accessories into your gaming setup

If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, consider adding some extra features to your desk like a built-in lighting system or a charging station for your devices.

You might want to consider a wireless charger for your phone, a mouse pad that could charge your wireless gaming mouse and a few other accessories.

Lighting for your gaming setup

Make sure your desk is in a well-lit area and that there is plenty of space for you to move around. Gaming in a cluttered or dark environment can be distracting and frustrating.

I used the classic IKEA Gaffeldun combo with some Smart Yeelights because it was the cheapest smart lighting option I could find. I like this combo because it’s extremely versatile and you can change the colour of the lights to whatever the theme is. I have a cooler blue theme, but you can easily do a warm orange theme as well like what I did with my autumn setup.

Overall, a gaming setup can be minimal

Make sure to choose a desk that is the right size has enough storage and is well lit. You may also want to consider adding extra features like built-in lighting or a charging station. If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, consider adding some extra accessories like a wireless charger for your phone or a mouse pad that could charge your wireless gaming mouse. Reducing the elements on your table will help you concentrate on the game and not be distracted by the clutter.

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