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Wooden desk setup
An Amazing Wide Screen Setup with a Wooden Theme.

Ever felt like you don’t have enough space on your desk? Check out this example from @jerome_design_things of how to create space using a monitor shelf.

MonitorSamsung 49-Inch CRG9 (US)
Monitor Mount/Desk ShelfVIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount (US) (UK)
MiceLogitech G900 (US) (UK)
KeyboardTofu HHBK hot swap kit
Ramaworks M60A
DeskmatHarbor London Black Leather Desk Mat
SpeakersMicca Covo-S speakers (US) (UK)
DeskIkea Gerton +
Ikea Skogsta +
Ikea Capita +
Fully Jarvis standing desk frame
Desk LightingThreshold Crosby Schoolhouse desk lamp
PC CaseLoque Ghost S1 (US)
Laptop Stand–
Docks/Hub> Focusite Scarlett Solo audio interface (US) (UK)
> Tilted Nation Headphone Stand with USB Dock (US)
> wireless phone charger from
Other DecorPhilips Fidelio (US) (UK)

Our Insights

The compact nature of his peripherals free up even more space with this setup! He matched all of the items on the table to fit the wooden theme of the setup.

Diagonal Angle Showing off the custom IKEA desk shelf
Compact Form Factor PC – Loque Ghost S1
Ingenious use of the Wall shelf and Capita Legs from IKEA to build a custom desk shelf
Nice Wrist Rest to complement his Keyboard

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