Clean Ultrawide Setup for the Pros working from home

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We’ve found this one on Instagram from a digital creator @neat__gear

minimal desk setup with wide screen monitors

Have a look down below for the list of items.

  • Monitor: Samsung CJ89 43″ Curved UltraWide
  • Monitor Mount: Ergotron HX (White)
  • PC Case: HZXT H210i (White)
  • Keyboard: Keychron K2
  • Mouse: Logitech MX Master 2
  • Table Top: IKEA Karlby
  • Table Stand (Left): IKEA Alex
  • Table Stand (Right): IKEA Finnvard
  • Desk Lamp: Anglepoise Type 90 Desk Lamp
  • Seat: Autonomous Ergochair
  • Note: For gaming Hugo uses a Razer Viper for his Mouse and a Razer TE for his Keyboard.

Hugo brings out the most of his setup using ambient lighting. Items on the desk are kept to a minimal to ensure his not being distracted while working.

Having adequate desk space allows him to have a laptop on the table if he needs an extra screen real estate for productivity.

When working from home, an ergonomic chair goes a long way to help improve posture and fatigue. Overall, this is an incredible setup, it’s simple but more importantly, it’s functional!

A big thank you to @neat__gear for allowing us to review this setup. If you like the setup, hit up @neat__gear on Instagram.

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