The Ultimate Work from Home Setup Guide

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The Ultimate Work from Home Setup Guide
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Quick Tips to Improve your Workstation

Whatever your work from home situation, here are some easy tips anyone can use to make your day in your home office more pleasant. For more in-depth details, refer to our “ULTIMATE MINIMAL DESK SETUP GUIDE“.

1. Setup a dedicated work area

Setup a dedicated work area
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No one wants to spend time and effort moving equipment around daily. To avoid this, set up a dedicated workstation, whether it be an entirely dedicated room or separate desk in the corner of a room. A dedicated workspace will help separate and create boundaries between work and home., making it easier to ‘clock off’ at the end of the day.

2. Clear the clutter

Clearing the Clutter for your work from home desk setup
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We’ve all heard the saying;

“Discard everything that does not spark joy” Marie Kondo

3. Improve the lighting

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Whether for your online Zoom meetings or just general home office use, quality lighting can go a long way. Poor lighting can reduce energy and may even affect your health, causing eyestrain and headaches, and ultimately impair your ability to work. Allow for as much natural light as possible, whether via windows or a skylight. In situations where natural lighting isn’t enough. a well-defined light source will go a long way.

4. Make your workstation a nice place

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At the end of the day, your workspace should be a place you want to sit down and be at. Decorate and personalise your space to inspire you to work more productively. Plants are a great way to liven a room up. Pictures of loved ones, pets and past memories is a great way to personalise your setup. Paintings and artwork from your favourite artist, prints of your favourite video game or artwork that you’ve created yourself will help complete your setup and give it that final touch of artistic flair.

How to Improve Home Office Ergonomics and Comfort?

Just like when you’re in the office, home office ergonomics follow similar principles. Setting up your workspace so that the following steps are met can drastically improve your comfort.

You may be thinking, “Working from home in my pyjamas is the most comfortable thing ever!”, and you’re not wrong, but by following these 4 simple tips, your body will thank you in the long run!

  1. Look straight ahead at your monitor
  2. Keep your hands at a 90 degree angle to your desk
  3. Keep your back straight and planted on your chair (no slouching allowed)
  4. Keep your feel planted to the floor

With your workspace and ergonomics are sorted, here are some technology picks that might improve your working from home experience. We have provided recommendations for different types of work and budgets.


We’re guessing you have a laptop of some kind, whether it’s your own personal device or the one you brought from work. If not, here are our recommendations:

MacBook Pro 16″ (2020)

See Now: US | UK | AU

For the creators out there, nothing comes close to a MacBook Pro. Our only recommendation is to choose a spec to match your workflow and needs.

Dell XPS 15 (2020)

See Now: US | UK | AU

On the Windows side, we recommend the Dell XPS 15 (2020). With one of the best laptop screens on the market, this is an excellent choice!

Lenovo ThinkPad E14

See Now: US | UK

For those who are budget conscious, the Lenovo ThinkPad E14 offers the robustness and reliability of a ThinkPad, whilst keeping the price down. Again this can be configured to suit your needs and work requirements.


The desk is perhaps the most important part of any setup and it can have a huge impact on factors such as; clutter, aesthetics and ergonomics. It is so important that it is even in the name of our blog! Here are some recommendations:

Ergo Station Standing Desk

A standing desk offers great versatility for your home office! AN electric standing desk can help you raise and lower the desk in seconds.

For a more standard desk, check out our IKEA Starter pack article where we provide tips on how to select and build your own desk on a budget!


No workstation is complete without a comfortable and supportive chair. Here are our recommendations:

Herman Miller Aeron

See Now: US

If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics, then look no further. The Herman Miller Aeron offers unlimited adjustability to suit your body type, just be cautious of the price tag!

AmazonBasics Mesh

See Now: US | UK

The AmazonBasics Mesh offers all the benefits of a mesh chair, but without the hefty price tag! A great option for those on a budget.


A monitor is one of those things that will dramatically improve your work experience at home, improving ergonomics and your workflow. Here are some recommendations:

Samsung 49″ LC49J890

See Now: US | AU

For the excel fiends and the content creators, an ultrawide monitor is the only way to go! Equivalent to 2x 27″ monitors, the Samsung 49″ LC49J890 will allow you to fit more on your screen and stay productive.

Xiaomi Mi 34″ Curved Gaming Monitor

See Now: Global

The LG Xiaomi Mi 34″ Curved Monitor is a great alternative for those on a budget but still want the added benefits of an ultrawide monitor. Don’t let the name fool you, although great for gaming, the monitor offers excellent colour accuracy and resolution for your home office needs.

LG 24MK430H-B

See Now: US | UK | AU

For those who do not have the space or the need for an ultrawide monitor, a standard 24″ or 27″ will still offer great benefits over using just your laptop screen.

Monitor Mounts/Desk Shelfs

Monitor mounts will help raise your monitor to eye level relieving neck and shoulder strain. Trust us, your neck and shoulders will thank you! Here are some recommendations:

  • VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand
  • VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount

VIVO offers affordable monitor stands for both single and dual monitor setups. Just pick the one that suits your needs!

Grovemade Desk Shelf System

See Now: US

We have to mention Grovemade’s desk shelf system because it is literally one of the most used desk setup items to improve comfort but to also style your setup.

USB Hubs, Docks and Chargers

USB docks and hubs will help clear the clutter on your desk. Some even come with charging, so all you need is 1 cable to your laptop! Here are some recommendations:

AUKEY USB C Hub 12-in-1 (US)/VAVA USB C Hub Adapter with Power Delivery (AU)

See Now: US | AU

This all in one USB C Hub will allow you to connect all your peripherals, monitors and charging to your laptop with just 1 cable. NEAT!

Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD

See Now: US | UK | AU

For those who do not have a laptop with USB C, the Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD offers the same convenience via a standard USB port.

Keyboards and Mice

A keyboard and mouse set will help further improve your ergonomics and posture. Here are our top recommendations:

Logitech MX Keys and Logitech MX Master

See Now MX Master 3: US | UK | AU

See Now MX Keys: US | UK | AU

Whether you’re a content creator or just want to improve your productivity, look no further than the highly regarded Logitech MX Keys and Logitech MX Master combo!

Logitech MK270

See Now: US | UK | AU

The Logitech MK270 is a great wireless affordable alternative for those on a budget, offering great battery life and conveniences such as dedicated media keys.


Whether for online Zoom meetings or catching up with loved ones remotely, a webcam will go a long way in improving your video quality over the potato cams found on laptops. Here are some recommendations:

Logitech C920

See Now: US | UK | AU

The Logitech C920 gets our top webcam recommendation for offering great image quality and great sound with a built in microphone.

Amcrest 1080P Webcam

See Now: US | UK | AU

For those looking for a more affordable alternative, look no further than the Amcrest 1080P Webcam. With a large sensor for superior low light performance, the Amcrest 1080P Webcam is a great way to improve the quality of your Zoom meetings.

A Few Final Tips

Setting clear boundaries for when you start and stop working can help you avoid overworking and going CRAZY! Get dressed in the morning so you can feel ready for work, make sure all distractions are turned off, and when you’re done for the day, turn off the computer and disable work notifications.

Sitting all day is not good for your health. Get up and walk around the house every so often.

Finally, and most importantly, stay safe, wash your hands and wear your masks when leaving the house!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and found some helpful tips for your home office setup . Stay tuned for more exciting content! If you’ve enjoyed this article please like, subscribe and join our mailing list to keep up to date.

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